In individual therapy, we provide a safe, non-judgmental space for you to process your emotions and become the person you wish to be. Whether you are struggling with a stressful work environment or experiencing symptoms related to trauma, individual therapy can help you gain the skills you need to live your life to the fullest. Therapy is about so much more than just a place to vent, it’s also a place to heal. Trauma and stress impact not only our mind, but also our nervous system, creating symptoms of depression, anxiety, and PTSD. Our approach is deeply rooted in somatic interventions that will help you heal your mind AND body. By working together to help you process stress both cognitively and physically, you will achieve long-lasting relief. 

Clinical Supervision

The road to licensure can be long and finding a supervisor who will help you hone your clinical expertise is no easy task. Specialized trauma training can be difficult to obtain during the education process. Dr. Stacie uses a developmental, strengths-based process to help you become an expert in trauma-focused treatment using relational, somatic, systems-based, and mindfulness interventions to help your clients heal. For many years, Dr. Stacie has provided clinical supervision to mental health professionals wishing to specialize in trauma-focused treatment with children and adults. Gain the confidence and skills needed to be the therapist you envision yourself being. 

Clinical Consultation

There’s a normal feeling of unease when we encounter clients that we have no experience working with, yet we want to help them feel better.  Maybe you wish to branch out and offer your services to a new population or you are feeling extra stuck with a client? Either way, Dr. Stacie offers consulting services to help you develop and hone your skills with clients you feel unprepared to treat. From single consulting sessions to multi-session packages, we can work together to help you feel more confident and expand your expertise. The following are a few examples of areas of clinical proficiency that we can assist you with:

  • Child Maltreatment
  • Adult Survivors of Childhood Trauma
  • Domestic Violence
  • LGBTQ youth
  • Acutely Suicidal Presentations
  • Substance Use Disorders
  • Sexual Assault 
  • Somatic Intervention Training 
  • Crisis Interventions

Business Consulting

Dr. Stacie has worked as a trauma-informed consultant for the District Attorney’s Office, Child Protective Services, Probation, school districts, and various non-profits. In a addition, Dr. Stacie is an expert in problematic staffing dynamics and can assist with creating a harmonious workplace environment that motivates employees, fosters caring leaders, and boosts productivity. Whatever the setting, we can help you come up with a plan to work effectively and efficiently with your most frustrating situations to achieve a trauma-informed program that will get you the results you desire.


Is there a topic that you and your colleagues would like to know more about? Or maybe your organization would like specialized training in a certain area? We provide workshops tailored to your audience's needs. We can create trauma-informed trainings from scratch or present on any of the topics listed below. The following are examples of the workshops that we have presented in the past:

  • Healing Trauma Through Activism: A Workshop for Mental Health Professionals
  • Somatic Interventions for Crisis Workers
  • Domestic Violence and the High Risk of Suicide
  • Child Abuse Signs and Symptoms: The Untold Story
  • Anxiety Disorders and the Impact on Law Enforcement
  • Emotional Regulation Techniques for Post-Trauma Survivors: A Workshop for Social Services Professionals
  • The Guide to Collaborative Parenting: Communication, Consistency, and Caring